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PNW Backstories

Capturing and sharing real stories about real people throughout America’s rural Pacific Northwest (and beyond!), Rick and Kathy Dancer travel about the countryside, camera in hand, giving a stage to voices that likely would not be heard. And, in some cases, voices otherwise ignored. 

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The Pacific Northwest

Rick and Kathy Dancer focus on the hidden gems in rural society, people often behind the scenes or quietly innovating, offering immense yet oft-overlooked value in our world. The duo is committed to giving these folks the microphone and, suddenly, thousands of people are there, listening, noticing and learning. Why? They connect with and appreciate hearing something of value from the everyday person. That’s who most of us are after all.

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PNW Backstories

Follow us across the Pacific Northwest and beyond! Each PNW Backstory series features a small town with a lot to offer and the people who make it special. No stone will be left unturned as we visit lighthouses, watering holes, scenic vistas and more. Below are some of our "Best of the Best." 

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