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PNW Backstories

Tell Your Story

We are connecting with Convention and Visitor Bureaus, Visitor Centers, Chamber of Commerces and local businesses that have unique experiences to share in the Pacific Northwest. We want to share your story! 


Join Rick and Kathy for PNW Backstories. We'll meet incredible people whose stories deserve to be told. That story, along with your town, will be broadcast live to thousands of viewers all over the world!

If you'd like PNW Backstories to visit your region or community, contact us so we can tailor a program that works for you. We are here to introduce your community to millions of people throughout the globe. We think your story is worth telling and we believe we are the best program out here doing it live, as if live and real. We don't create your story, you've already done that. We simply lend our expertise to the process with the right questions, the best storytelling abilities, and a huge audience that LOVES the Pacific Northwest and is loyal to PNW Backstories.

Tim and Susan, owners of Steens Mountain Guest Ranch in Diamond, Oregon. We told their unique story in the Fall of 2019 as we became real "City Slickers." 

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